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Step 4
We apply 4 coat of the Marine Spar Varnish .This will protect your door from the wear and tare of the sun for 6/7 years.

Step 2
We strip the door down to the bare wood. We remove all old stains or anything that may be on the door .
Step 3 
By sanding down the door and smoothing it to the bare wood .We want your door to look smooth with no bumps .If you have any holes or cracks we can fill them in with a poxy wood filling and smooth it out as well.
This picture showing how the door will look like being sanded down and ready to apply the stain.
(You can see the difference in the door when it was sanded down and when we apply the stain of your choose.)
Step 1
We will remove the door from the hinges ,and cover your door way with a tarp.Keep the cool air in and keep the insects from coming in.
Step 5
We hang your door back on the hinges ,and make sure your door will open ,close ,and lock properly . 
-We believe in our very unique process that we commit to ALL our clients  that your door will not fade , peel, or chip for 1 years or we will repair at no cost to you. 

​ this is our process we use to make your door look like a brand new door .THAT IS GUARENTEE .

* We strip your door down to the bare wood or fiberglass. You have to strip your door to the bare wood don't let no one else tell you different .
This is the most important step of all.

* the door is sanded, and we are ready to apply the stain. We can match or change the stain .  we will apply between 2 to 3 coat of stain.

* we seal your door in a high quality epoxy sealer. It bonds the stain to the door as well as helps preserve the wood.

* All our doors are sealed in at least 6 coats of Hi-Quality varnish equivalent 12 coats of a traditional varnish. Then we apply top coat. This results in a marine grade finish that you can count on to withstand the constant beating of the elements. (Ex. rain, wind ,debri, etc.)