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Door Nerds Front Door Refinishing   
Customers testimonials
See what our clients say about our work!
Tony and Ricardo came to refinish our 6"8 wooden door, did a fantastic job they kept there designated area very sanitized and very organized. Guys were on time, they arrived right between 8:00 - 8:30. I was promised a great job and im overwhelmed with a fantastic work. I would recommend them to anyone that  is in need to have there front door refinished.                
Location: Cypress, Tx
Name: Mr.Robinson
The crew came out and they were very professional. They were quick but were very careful with the door and the glass. They also made sure that the entry of the door was sealed while they worked on the door. I'm 100% satisfied with their work. 

Location: Woodlands, Tx
Name: Mr. and Mrs. Smith
The guys were not on time, but they gave me a curtsy call to let me know that they were gonna be 20 minutes late. Which to me that is very professional. 

Location: Katy, Tx
Name: Mrs. Jackson

​I had a very good experience . My door looks amazing ,couldn't be any happier .Now my home looks great. I would  recommend this company to anyone looking to get there door refinished these guys are the ones to go with . THANK YOU 

Location: Plano,Tx
  Name: Ms.Carter
I got my front door refinished both sides and wow it was beautiful. Very professional, cleaned the area were they worked.

Location: Plano,Tx
  Name: Mrs.Mary Jones
Door nerds came out and refinished my door and side panels for a very reasonable price. They weren't on time, but did call to let me know they going to be late. Daneil and Julio did a wonderful job.

       Name: Mr. John Williams
I would recommend door nerds, they fix several glass panels I had cracked. Their crew was on time, and took them less than an hour. Great job, thank you door nerds 

Location:Dallas, Tx
  Name: Mr. & Mrs. Peters 
Door nerds, thank you GREAT JOB!

Location: Plano, Tx
Julio was able to replace the weather strip at the bottom of 3 doors for me. He refinished my front doors and my back door.

Location:Dallas, Tx
​Guys did leave a little bit of messy debris, but my door looks nice. They cleaned up, and were very professional.

Location :McKinney, Tx 
    Name: Jessica Evans
Great Job!!! Very satisfied 

Location: McKinney, Tx
    Name: Mr. Lopez

​Door nerds did several double doors and garage door. They helped me choose a stain to go with the color of my house! 

Location: Plano, Tx
    Name: Terri 
Joe and Julio came out to refinish my double doors , I was surprised how great they came out .Not only did they do my door ,they fixed my glass in the front door . I will be sure to refer to people.

Location: Mc Kinney , Tx
Name: Ms.Reed

Joe was vey polite and professional, he answered all of my questions and explained every procedure. Thanks again for the great job.

Location: Fort Worth, Tx
    Name: Laura 
I gave them a call to have the glass on my door replaced, they put in the wrong one the first time but came out the very next morning to replace it with the original piece, they were very polite. I will surely be using them in the future.

Location: South Lakes, Tx
    Name: Charles 
My door looks great! Couldn't be happier, I will be recommending 

 Location: Colleyville , Tx
    Name: Adam 
I had really bad dog scratches on my door, I thought they were going to be unrepairable. They came out to take a look at it, they said it could be fixed so I schedule. They were able to fix it, my door looks wonderful.

Location: Keller, Tx
    Name: Chui   
I was debating weather if I should get my door stained or painted, I gave them a call they suggested I should go with the paint. I provide the paint, even thou they were a bit late they still did a good job.

Location: McKinney, Tx
    Name: Brian   
My weather stripping was old and need to be replaced, I went with the copper instead of the rubber. The price was fair 

Location: Plano, Tx
    Name: Cater
I was relaying on this company two times, the first time they didn't make but the second time that I relied on them they came out to several houses I own and refinished three sets of double doors, it was a great job. Thanks

Location: Dallas, Tx
    Name: Allen 

I was referred by a friend, they told me about the website I was interested in the process of refinishing a door. I got a couple of references, got good feed back from them I got my door schedule and the best part of all they were very courteous.    
Location: Arlington, Tx
    Name: Maddison
I set up an appointment I need it to be later in the day and they were able to work with my schedule.

Location: Ennis, Tx
    Name: Michael 
I had my door refinished both sides along with the side panels. They had a little trouble getting the old stain out, I went from a dark to a light. But over all my door looks good.

Location: Cleburne, Tx
    Name: The Parker family
Eric and tony did such a great job on my door that i thought was beyond repair .they were so patient and showed me step by step and why it was done in this way.  thank you   Eva Sanchez  cypress tx
My door look very good then I notice a  marking on the inside call Alex back with out hesitation he came out and fix it .                            Thank you 
                                 Alice Garza humble tx
doornerds came to my house  to do my  very tall door it was done at a good price and in a timely manor .  I am very pleased .  perla  alverz
​Tony and Robert came out like 30 min late but did a great job on my door they were very fast and did a great job 
thank you    chuck Davis
                     Tomball tx
​Brandon and Alex  where on time very polite and very professorial . I didn't think they could match my inside to the out side they had so many stain on the truck that they match it up .great job guy                    Devin Parker  Houston tx
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I had my front door and side light done and my door and side lights didn't match in stain and i didn't see it till two days later called the company and reschedule  for them to come out they  got there and match it and it was free of charge  
Thank you 
Ryan Homes Pearland tx
 door-nerds did my door in one afternoon for my  house to be sold at a very good price

                                                             thank you 
                                                              Sonia smith
my front door was ugly from weather damage and peeling from the sun . door nerds came right out strip it sand it and put 4 coat of varnish it look so smooth and beautiful i loved it                                                                                                                                                                            THANK YOU 
                                                                                                                                                                             TMorris  Katy tx
refinishing company is the best at price and their doors they , got to my house a little late but they had a great plan to get my door done and looking good , I will use them in the future Alex and tony were so polite                                                                                          Thanks  John garrison
I have tired other door company  and i was not quite satisfied like i am with this company every one was super nice job was done well and in a fast manner Thank you doornerds                                                                                                         Sandra  page 
                                                                                                                           Galveston tx
we have a 10 ft door needed to get our front door refinished for the holiday we had called around they wanted to charge extra  for the feet but door nerds said THEY WOULD DO IT AND IN NO TIME IT Was done . stain look s great                                                           Joe Ellis 
                                                   Houston tx
door nerd have a maintenance program that is the best they send you the best guys to help keep your door from  looking ugly 
Kathy summer
conroe Tx