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    Door Nerds Front Door Refinishing   
Office number: (281)736-3067
Email is: Doornerds@yahoo.com.com
This questions will be asked when you call...
1. What size is your door?, Is it 6"8 or "8"? 6"8  3 hinges or "8" 4 hinges
2.Do you want both sides of the door or only one side?
3. Do you have a specific day? "not guaranteed"
4Morning or Afternoon? "not guaranteed"


- 6'8 Single Side $350.000          8' Single Side $400.00

- 6'8 Both Sides $600.00          8' Both Sides $800.00

- 6'8 Double Single Side Only $ 600.00
 -8' Double Single Sides Only $800.00

- 6'8 Double Both Sides $1,200.00
- 8' Double Both Sides $1,600.00

-Sidelights/Transoms $160.00

               Door Painting 

We paint doors if you choose you don't want stain we can paint . Give us a call for more details .
                    Hardware Replacement

We can change your hardware for you.
( You will have to provide the hardware ) additional price.

            Garage Doors 

Let us refinish your chipped ,faded doors , we will give them the shinny look.

                      Hardware Polishing 

We can polish most hardware's to look just like the ones on a shelf in the store at extra cost.
            Door Adjustments 

Is the door hard to open ? Do you have to left to open ?
Does your door seem to stick ? Does your door not open at all ?
Give us a call. Let one of our experts help you .!
                             Weather Strip 

Vinyl ,copper, rubber ,metal we can replace your old one with a new one .On bottom of the door or around your doors. If there are other doors through out your house let our crew help you save money on your next bill. 
                          Fiberglass Doors 

Your fiberglass door will look beautiful . We are the real #1 experts in fiberglass doors , don't  let other companies fool you. We have 15 years with fiberglass door.

​                          Threshold Replacement 

Do you want another color ?
Does it not match with your hardware ?
Is it worn out yet ?
No problem we can change it to your choose of color.

               Master Refinishing
                                                Office Hours 

              Monday - Friday 


                   ( CLOSED )

If you have any questions concerns please feel free to email us ,someone is always available to answer any questions or concerns you have .


Office:  (281)736-3067