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Door Nerds Front Door Refinishing   
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Door Refinishing Process 
Are process here at Door Nerds our process is removing the door off the hinges ,and covering your door way so that no insects, dirt, dust , animals ect. will come in or out. We strip the door down to the bare wood ,and make sure no color is left on it. We fill in any holes with a wood filler, Also sanding the door, and stain it with the color of your choice ( And Remember We have Many Colors To Choose ) the last  is we spray 4 coats of Marine Spar Varnish.The varnish is the type they use for the marine boats, and it last longer then regular. Once that's in place they let it set awhile, when its dry we go ahead and remove the cover from your door way. Then we rehang your door and make sure it opens and closes right, and locks right. We make sure are customers are 100% satisfied with there door.
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