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Your electric bill could be escaping from around your house doors. About 20%, its not to late give us a call today

Do you know weather stripping plays a major roll in keeping insects and debris from coming in your home. stopping the air flow will keep hot and cool air in doors ,and reduce your  energy cost.

Its easy for us to check how much air is escaping and how much is entering . We check with using the thermo device ,it can tell how bad your weather stripping is all around your door. This thermo will tell you exactly where all the air is escaping . This air is flowing out and  in every second of night and day. Lets keep cool air in and hot air out. Your home should feel a lot comfortable now that all weather stripping has been replaced AND your electric bill increased.
Weather stripping places a major role by helping keep your house warm during the winter and cool during the summer .You wouldn't want any insects like :spiders ,ants, flies, lizzards etc.